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You can find us easily. Driving south from Horam on the A267, turn right at the signposted entrance to "Horam Manor" (about ½ mile/ two minutes from southern Horam). Follow the access road past the caravan site until you arrive at the Fishery car park between the small nursery pond and "House Pond". Driving from Eastbourne, take the A267 at the Boship Farm Roundabout and follow the road (about five minutes). Look for the Horam Manor signpost and entrance on the left just before Horam Village.

Due to technical work on our server our webform is off-line. Please email enquiries@hmfisheries.com to contact us direct.

Horam Manor Fishery, Horam, East Sussex, TN21 0JB
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01323 840 889
077 0775 9364
078 0929 6552
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28 Falcon Way

East Sussex
BN27 1HY
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